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Danube Investment Framework (DIF) | PA 10 Pilot Initiatives

The Coordination of Priority Area 10 implemented a set of supporting structures – the Danube Investment Framework (DIF) – for project promoters in the Danube Region (see Action: “To examine the feasibility of Danube Investment Framework”). The DIF pilot initiatives provided support ranging from matchmaking between project promoters and financial institutions to funding for small-scale projects or project preparation.

Danube Financing Dialogue | DPS Toolkit | Danube Strategic Project Fund (DSPF) | START | Technical Assistance Facility (TAF-DRP)

Projects of Priority Area 10 "Institutional Capacity and Cooperation"

The actions and targets of Priority Area 10 and the EUSDR are implemented – amongst others – through projects ranging from concrete initiatives to networks or platforms for cooperation in the Danube region.

Selection of PA 10 projects:

ATTRACTIVE DANUBE | Bled Strategic Forum | Cadastre and Land Register in the Danube Region | CrowdStream | Danube Cities Against Human Trafficking (D-CAHT) | Danube Participation Day | eGovernance Renaissance for the Danube Region

Projects related to Priority Area 10 (Selection)

AgriGo4Cities | BACID | RARE