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Priority Area 10

Institutional Capacities & Cooperation

Priority Area 10 (PA 10) of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) aims at stepping up institutional capacity and cooperation. In accordance with the EUSDR Action Plan, Priority Area 10 addresses institutional capacity-building at local, regional and national level, involvement of civil society in public governance, increasing local development and better spending as well as increasing absorption rates of EU funds.

Priority Area 10 “Institutional Capacities & Cooperation” serves as an information and communication hub for local, regional, national and European stakeholders responsible for as well as working in the field of institutional capacity building, participative governance and spatial development. The activities of Priority Area 10 aim at supporting policy and project development, stakeholder relations and capitalisation in the Danube Region.

Priority Area 10 is jointly coordinated by the City of Vienna and the Centre for European Perspective on behalf of Slovenia. The Coordinators of the Priority Area are supported by a Steering Group.