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Please, find below a selection of funding instruments for institutional capacity-building, involvement of civil society and/or local development as well as tools that facilitate the search for funding instruments.

EuroAccess Danube RegionFunding Database EuroAccess

EuroAccess Danube Region is an online information and search tool on EU-funding available in the Danube Region, that can be used as support for the implementation of the Action Plan of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) in the period 2014-2020.
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Seed Money Facility - Danube Transnational Programme

The 1st call for the Seed Money Facility launched on 2 October 2017. The call will be open until 7 December 2017. The instrument provides support for the development of complex strategic transnational projects addressing selected topics relevant for the Priority Areas of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region.
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Danube Strategic Project Fund (DSPF)Danube Strategic Project Fund

The Danube Strategic Project Fund is a new facility aiming at supporting the implementation of transnational strategic projects aligned with the objective of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR), with a specific added value at the interfaces between cohesion and enlargement/neighbourhood policy. It is co-financed with funds provided to the European Commission by the European Parliament and the City of Vienna.
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Guide to EU Funding 2014-2020Guide to EU Funding

The ‘Guide to EU Funding 2014-2020’ of the European Parliament Research Service is a basic introduction to EU funding opportunities for regional and local authorities, NGOs, businesses, professionals and citizens. The objective is to provide an accessible list of the most important EU funds, and to provide potential beneficiaries with appropriate information on the opportunities the funding offers.
Download the Guide to EU Funding 2014-2020 (PDF, 6,47 MB)

Danube Transnational Programme

The Danube Transnational Programme (DTP) is a financing instrument of the European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) that covers all countries and regions of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region. The programme supports the implementation of transnational cooperation and policy exchange between national, regional and local stakeholders in order to enhance economic, social and territorial cohesion.
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Seed Money Facility

Other Programmes of European Territorial Cooperation (Interreg)

Interreg ProgrammesEuropean Territorial Cooperation (ETC), better known as Interreg,  is one of the two goals of cohesion policy and provides a framework for the implementation of joint actions and policy exchanges in order to promote a harmonious economic, social and territorial development of the Union as a whole. There are three strands of Interreg cooperation: cross-border (Interreg A), transnational (Interreg B, e.g. Danube Transnational Programme) and interregional (Interreg C, e.g.: Intereg Europe, Urbact, ESPON).

European Social FundEuropean Union

The European Social Fund (ESF) supports projects that improve access to labour markets, education and strengthening the efficiency in public administration and delivering public services in all sectors. Support for more more efficient and effectiv public administrations is granted for projects that boost the quality of services available to citizens, workers and job-seekers in their towns, cities and regions as well as for projects that help public authorities to work with stakeholders such as NGOs tin order to design and deliver successful programmes.
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Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 is the financial instrument implementing the Europe 2020 flagship initiative "Innovation Union" that aims at securing Europe's global competitiveness. One of the H2020 work programme's focus areas addresses "Societal Challenges", which supports cooperation with local actors and civil society in areas such as demographic change, smart, green and integrated transport, climate action, inclusive, innovative and reflective societies, secure societies - protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens and many more.

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Europe for Citizen 2014-2020Europe for Citizens Programme

The Europe for Citizens Programme financially supports public bodies and non-profit organisations in their attempt to increase the understanding of the EU, its history and diversity among citizens, to foster European citizenship and to improve conditions for civic and democratic participation at EU level, to raise awareness of remembrance, common history and values, to encourage democratic participation of citizens at EU level, by developing citizens' understanding of the EU policy making-process.
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Urban Innovative Actions

Urban Innovative ActionsUrban Innovative Actions (UIA) is an Initiative of the European Union that provides urban areas throughout Europe with resources to test new and unproven solutions to address urban challenges. The initiative supports urban authorities with more than 50,000 inhabitants or a grouping of urban authorities with a total population of at least 50,000 inhabitants in the European Union with co-financing up to 80% (or up to EUR 5 million ERDF).

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The European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument

European Neighbourhood InstrumentThe European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI) supports the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP).The ENPI finances actions in the various sectors, including: more equitable development; regulatory trade and reforms; the liberalisation of certain sectors; justice and home affairs; energy; transport; information society; environmental sustainability; research and innovation.

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Structural Reform Support Programme (SRSP)

The Structural Reform Support Programme (SRSP) is an EU programme that provides tailor-made support to all EU countries for their institutional, administrative and growth-enhancing reforms. The SRSP support covers the entire reform process, from preparation and design to implementation of the reforms. It is demand driven and does not require co-financing from EU countries. The SRSP is coordinated by the European Commission's Structural Reform Support Service (SRSS).

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TAIEX is the Technical Assistance and Information Exchange instrument of the European Commission. TAIEX supports public administrations with regard to the approximation, application and enforcement of EU legislation as well as facilitating the sharing of EU best practices.

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